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Poochie Girl



Don’t hurt your back! Let our professionals bath your dog or cat for you.


Let our professional dog and cat groomers make your pet look their best!


Need care for your dog while you are at work? Poochie’s Dog Playroom has you covered!

Almonte’s Premier Pet Spa & Doggie Daycare

The Poochie Girl team knows that pets thrive in a personal, one-on-one grooming environment. Which is why the focus is always on the comfort of every pet client during their appointment; we start on time, we do not use cage-drying, and we are committed to total comfort and relaxation.

For our more energy-intense pups, Poochie Girl offers a Dog Playroom and Puppy Social classes. They are filled with playtime and fun, along with relaxing strolls through the scenic mill town. Pet spa clients are welcome to come for a groom and stay for a play. Ask us about special packages and gift certificates.

Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Almonte, Poochie Girl dog and cat handlers are confident, professional and love their career. They also know how to dole out plenty of hugs, belly rubs, and kisses!


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